Animation is one of our favorite capabilities.  It is the most fun!

This project was all about communicating an idea to some kids.  We centered the message around Mother's Day.  Three weeks before Mother's Day, we asked the kids in a Children's Church group to use crayons or whatever they wanted to draw or paint their Mom so they could give her the drawing.  We asked them to bring the drawing back with them the next Sunday.  We only mentioned it once and knowing how kids are, did not expect them to remember.

In the meantime, we took photos of a child supposedly drawing his special work for his Mom.  Actually, we had already created the drawing and used photoshop to erase parts of it and then put it in front of him so that it looked like we had a time-lapse of him creating the work.

We wanted to make sure the kids thought of the creation as a two-dimensional creation.  We even had some color copies made and posted as the best drawing - the only drawing - that we had received.  We posted them around the room so all the kids had the two-dimensional drawing firmly in their minds.

Then, later, during that Sunday.  We brought up the slide show you are about to watch.  You should have seen the looks on their faces when the "poster" came alive and spoke to them as a Mom would.

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(wait for animation)